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Health Benefits of Walking

10 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Walking:

1. Strengthens Your Bones:

Walking regularly is highly beneficial for your bones, as it not only strengthens your bones but also minimizes the risk of osteoporosis. Various medical studies reveal that walking just 4 hours every week reduces your risk of suffering from hip fracture by 40%. So, make sure you include walking in your daily schedule. Go for a brisk walk in a park every morning.

2. Delays Aging & Increases Longevity:

Stay young and live long with daily steps! A study2 conducted by Harvard graduates reveals that individuals who walked daily for at least half an hour and do physical activities live longer than people leading sedentary lifestyles. Besides this, going for a walk daily also helps delay aging symptoms, not only the cosmetic ones like fine lines, wrinkles, but also introduces a feeling of contentment and joy, crucial factors in increasing longevity.

3. Improves Blood Circulation:

Brisk walking improves blood circulation, enriches your brain with nourishing oxygen, and enhances blood supply to your heart. Improved circulation helps in regulating your blood pressure and minimizes the risk of stroke and cardiac problems. To start with, you can begin a 20 minute walk and gradually increase it to 30 or 45 minutes.

4. Enhances Memory & Prevents Dementia:

Have a sharp memory by going for regular walks. Walking boosts the efficiency of your hippocampus, which is the part of your brain responsible for memory and learning, and help you have a strong memory. Besides this, practice of walking daily helps keep dementia, a neurological state causing gradual memory loss, at bay. Lead every day with improved memory and enhanced confidence.

5. Boosts Your Immunity & Controls Weight:

Develop a strong immunity against various ailments and disorders by going for a 40 minute walk daily. Regular walking helps boost your immunity significantly and minimizes the risk of development of cancer, cardiac diseases, physical and psychological disorders, and Type 2 diabetes. Walking also helps to maintain a healthy weight. Be assured of a healthy weight with daily steps.

6. Helps to reduce cravings:

It is a common observation that people tend to gorge on chocolates and other sugary snacks during periods of stress. A study by the researchers from University of Exeter3 has revealed that even a 15 minute walk daily could greatly help in reducing such unhealthy cravings.

7. Promotes Sound Sleep:

If you are suffering from insomnia, try walking. Add 30 to 45 minutes of mindful morning walk to your daily routine and in all likelihood you may experience unhindered sleep in a matter of few weeks.

8. Increases Lungs’ Capacity:

When you walk continuously, you breathe in more amount of oxygen than what you would have inhaled normally. As you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide in high volumes while walking, it increases the capacity of your lungs significantly. This boosts your stamina and efficiency and refreshes your mind and body. Simply go for a medium-paced walk for 1 hour daily.

9. Promotes Smooth Digestion:

Many individuals have reported heightened sense of relief in digestive problems including bloating, diarrhea, gastrointestinal discomfort when they went out for a 30 to 45 minutes walk daily. A slow after dinner walk is a good practice to initiate for your digestive problems.

10. Uplifts Your Mood:

Numerous scientific studies have proved that walking can elevate your mood, reduce your stress levels, and prevent depression. Whenever you would feel depressed, just go for a walk outdoors in fresh air and feel the difference.

Have you experienced any of the above benefits of walking? Share your experience with others by leaving a comment below. Also, if there are health issues that you think aren’t improving by leading a healthy and active lifestyle, consult a good doctor without delay.

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