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Nutrition For Good Heart Health

What Nutrients Should You Incorporate For A Healthy Heart?


The presence of quercetin1 in women has reportedly caused a decrease in deaths due to coronary heart diseases. These flavonoids derived from plants also contain anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate the risk of thrombosis. Apples are a rich source of quercetin.


Polyphenols facilitate the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels by elevated nitric oxide production in our body. This helps to keep the risk of high blood pressure at bay2 and causes a healthy circulation of blood.

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a cup of polyphenol-containing berries like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries caused a significant increase of good cholesterol in the body.


Lycopene is also an anti-oxidant that is associated with the reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Lycopene has been studied to increase the level of superoxide dismutase, and thus reduced blood pressure. We get Lycopene from tomatoes.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids contain (EPA) eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA. The presence of these elements helps improve heart health by preventing the formation of clots, decreasing inflammation of cardiac muscles, and maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. Fish like salmon and sardines are packed with omega three acids.

Monosaturated Fats

Now it is open. Not all the fats that we consume are bad. Monounsaturated fats are good for your heart and help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, and in turn lower your risk for heart disease and cholesterol.

 Avocado, olive oil and walnouts are rich sources of monounsaturated fats

General Dietary Rules For A Healthy Cardiac System

As one or the other diet plan is always in news, it becomes difficult to decide on the right diet plan for a healthy heart. However, certain generalizations can always be drawn: A healthy heart diet should include the following:

Fruits and VegetablesLean, Skinless MeatLow-Fat DairyLegumes, Seeds, and NutsMinimal quantity of healthy carbsMinimal Sugar

It would also be interesting to understand special dietary plans that can have a positive effect on your overall cardiovascular health.

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