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#Weight Loss is now simple and very easy

Now weight loss is very easy and simple. I am sharing my personal experience. Just before three months, I was 74 Kgs weight and height only 5 ft. I sometimes feel tired and exhausted when walk even 500 mtr.

One day, when I came from office got a flyer on road that " Weight Loss is very Simple and easy." I immediately contact with the dietitian . As per her, we only can reduce weight if we can change our daily life activity and lifestyle.

Good health depends on 70% life style and 30% food habit. Lets tell me about my diet chart.

Diet chart for healthy weight:

*Wake UP at 6 AM and take 30 minutes time to be fresh.

*At 6:30 AM take a Detox tea which contains Gercinia, green tea and coffee beans which remove toxicity and remove extra FAT from body. I eat Healthkart Slim Tea (Honey lemon). There are lot of other tea also in market like Herbalife products.

*At 7:00 - 8:00 AM, do some Yoga and exercise daily. You can do skipping also. Morning walk can be a good option or cycling.

*At 8:00 AM take a meal replacement breakfast ( Double toned Milk with Meal replacement Shake which can be Mango, or Chocolate or vanilla Shake available in market. I drink Healthkart Slim Shake. There are many other shakes are also available which is used as a meal replacement. Don't eat Bread, Roti , Maggi type foods on breakfast.

*At around 11AM , take a single or maximum two boiled egg as your know egg contents albumin protein which helps to produce muscle power. Many people say Egg Yok is FAT, but as per science it is a good fat which can be consumable with body.

* At 1:30 PM take a rice meal ( try to eat 50-70gm rice) with veg, fish, chicken etc. Avoid red meat, sugar, chatni, cold drinks, ice cream. Avoid maida, it has bad effects on body.

* At around 4 PM take a fruit anything and at 7 PM take a veg soup or green tea whichever you want.

*Finish your dinner (Rice/Roti)at least before 2 hours you go to sleep.

* Avoid fast food from your dinner or lunch.

**********Last but not the list, take enough water at least 3.5 ltr-4 ltr daily which is necessary to reproduce body cell and remove body germs and extracts.

Exercise daily and spend this lifestyle 6 days a week and one day you can eat anything, no matter. But stop taking Cigarettes and Alcohol which is injurious to health.

Change your life style and stay healthy. Do this for a month and give me feedback. Thank you. best of Luck.

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