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Dengue - tips to stay guarded this monsoon

The best way to prevent dengue virus infection is to take precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Below are a few tips that may help reduce your risk of mosquito bites:

· Turn over empty pails and buckets so that they do not collect excess water.

· Cover the buckets and drums that are used for storing water.

· Clean out all empty flower pots.

· Ensure you do not over water potted plants.

· Clean and empty water bowls of domestic pets at home and the water bowls of birds in the balcony.

· Repair broken septic tanks and cover vent pipes with wire mesh if any.

· Discard the plants that you keep in water at home.

· Wear clothes that can cover you completely. Wear long-sleeved shirt, long pants and closed-toe shoes instead of sandals.

· Apply mosquito repellents whenever possible or wear mosquito patches.

· The mosquitoes that carry the dengue viruses are most active from dawn to dusk; keep windows and doors closed during theses hours.

· If you have a cooler at home, make sure you clean it regularly.

· Keep the dustbins clean; do not let any dirt get collected to avoid mosquitoes.

· Light camphor as it will help in keeping the mosquitoes away.

· Sleep under a mosquito net.

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