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Let's visit CMC Vellore - Travel Guide

Nobody likes to visit a hospital unless of course, you are a doctor or some way associated with the health care industry. A visit to the doctor’s chamber gives me a shiver and a thought of visiting a hospital was just not my cup of tea. With times things change and due to some medical condition within my family, a visit to the doctor as well as hospital visits became a regular affair. Initially, it was difficult but with time I and my family adopted to this new lifestyle.

The only reason why I was apprehensive about traveling all the way to Vellore from Kolkata was the fact that the distance was huge. We had to travel from East down to the South of the country. But with limited options, I had to take it.


Vellore is well connected by train, the nearest major rail head is Katpadi Junction. Many trains pass through Katpadi and stop for an average of 10 – 20 minutes. Katpadi is almost like the de facto train station for all patients coming to Vellore for treatment. So much so that the station has been modified to suit the needs of patients like having a ramp along with staircase for accessing the different platforms with overhead bridges. These ramps have direct access to the auto and taxi stands located outside the station.

Wheelchairs are also available at the station for free usage but for sure these would be managed by a porter (cooli) with whom you can negotiate for a service drop to the auto stand outside. A porter can be paid somewhere between Rs. 80 – 100 for this wheelchair service. Unless you are very athletic with good body strength I would recommend you to use this wheelchair service for the patient since pushing a wheelchair with a patient seated on it up on a ramp can be very challenging. If you bring your own fold able wheelchairs then also do consider taking a help of a coolie to push it around.

Other than Katpadi some trains also do pass through Vellore Cantonment and this is much nearer to Vellore hospital than Katpadi. However, train stoppage time is very limited with an average of 3 – 5 minutes thus do consider this when planning your journey.

Katpadi Junction – CMC Vellore – Vellore Cantonment on Map

If you plan to travel by air then the nearest major airport is Chennai. Alternately you can also come through Tirupati which also has an international airport. However, Chennai is a major hub is always recommended.


If you have reached Katpadi Station then come out of the station, there is only one exit and it’s very easy to spot. Once you reach outside you will find Autos, Vikram (larger auto) and taxis waiting. Almost all of them will pounce on you thus be prepared for few minutes of complete mayhem. Ignore and keep walking so that some of them leave you while some keep following you. Give them the name of the hotel or the locality and ask them how much would the one-way drop be. The day time rates are different from night rates, at night be prepared to pay somewhere between Rs. 150 – 200 depending on your negotiation skills. One best thing about Katpadi is that even at odd hours of the night you will find plenty of transportation options.

Remember that Katpadi is a different town and one would cross the river over a bridge to reach Vellore town. The auto journey takes around 15 – 20 minutes at night and during that day can be double due to traffic congestion.

Katpadi Junction

There Is A Facility Of AC Waiting Hall At Katpadi Junction Which Can Be Availed By Paying A Small Fee. Contact The Attendant At The AC Waiting Hall For Details.

Vellore Cantonment is located right in the middle of Vellore town very near to CMC Vellore Hospital and will take around five minutes to reach your destination from here. Autos are also available here and would charge around Rs. 30 – 50.

Vellore Cantonment – Auto will take Around 50 Rs. To Reach CMC Vellore Hospital

From Chennai airport, you can take tourist taxis (Car Hire) outside for a price band between Rs. 2000 – 2500. Similar service is also available at Tirupati airport almost costing the same. Alternately you can travel from Chennai airport to Chennai Central Station and avail many trains that pass through Katpadi Junction. Train options from Tirupati station toward Katpadi are available but limited in numbers.


It all depends on your budget and preference, to begin with. Ideally always try staying near the hospital and the options are galore. Bang opposite to the gates of CMC Vellore there are varieties of hotels with a range of Rs. 200 to 4000. The basic ones are more of a dormitory with shared toilets and if you go little higher you will get individual rooms with shared toilets. Some hotels allow cooking and these have a small enclosed area where you can cook.

The price of hotels or guest houses goes up when you opt for an attached toilet. It jumps further up if you are looking at air-conditioned rooms. This part of the country is very hot during the summer months thus plan accordingly.

Some hotels allow booking over the telephone while some only operate with instant booking options. There is a huge number of options and a quick search online will give you a full list. Alternately some prefer to stay at guest houses which are usually operated by NGO’s and other private organizations like a mosque, church or a temple trust.

If you plan to reach Vellore without a hotel booking then do not worry there are plenty of options you will surely find something or the other. Just reach the main gate of CMC Vellore and on the opposite footpath, you will find all these hotels. Most of the hotels are located on Gandhi Road, Sukkiah Vadhiyar Street, Babu Rao Street, KVS Chetty Street, Mitta Anandrao Street, Latif Basha Street etc.

Autos Lining Up In Front Of the Hospital Main Gate

Babu Rai Street – This Stretch Is Full Of Hotels and Lodges


The eating options are many; if you are planning for an extended period of stay then do consider home cooked food as it’s always hygienic. You do not have to carry any cooking utensils as all of them are available on rent near these hotels. Even gas stoves with small LPG cylinders are available which can be refilled from time to time. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are available at Babu Rao Street with numerous shops all around selling groceries.

Hospital Annexe Building Canteen

These canteens operate on a fixed menu system which is rotated as per schedule which can be seen at the entrance. You would first need to pay at the counter and collect the coupon which you need to present at the delivery counter where the coupon will be exchanged for food plates. There is option for take away also at the cash counter which are additionally chargeable.


During your first visit carry all the test reports, x-ray plates, MRI plates and every document possible. The doctor will see these initial reports and will for sure ask you to take additional tests at CMC Vellore itself. Usually, the doctor will ask you to get all the old test reports, x-ray plates, and MRI plates scanned and put inside the central system since CMC Vellore is a complete virtual online based system and all the medical records are saved in the central server against the patient id. Once done you do not have to bring them next time as these would always be stored in the system.


Once the doctor will see the patient he/she will order some tests (if) then the doctor will hand you a pink slip (online lab order). The doctor will already key in the tests required into the system so you just have to take the pink slip which will have the patient number to the cash or card counter. Both these counters are located in the basement itself. On payment, you will receive a computerized print out in multiples depending on the number of tests. For each department like x-ray, blood, MRI etc. you will get individual receipts and the cash counter person will write the room number with which you need to go to respective departments and produce the form. Depending on the queue you will be given a token and an estimated waiting time for your turn.

For the first time this might seem bit confusing but trust me this is just perfect and after your first visit, you will be able to understand a rough estimate on the time that will be taken by each department.

Tip: If you see waiting time at a particular department is high then you should take the token and proceed to the next test so as not to waste time and utilize the waiting time to complete other tests.

All test reports are directly fed into the central computer system and you will not be given any reports directly. However, you may request a copy of reports which you will get digitally on a CD.


· Do not go for touts on assuring you quick appointments, entire CMC Vellore is an advanced computerized network based system and the availability of doctors can be checked online anytime.

· There is good mobile connectivity in the region, 2G, 3G, 4G & VOLte networks are available. However, network at the OPD basement sometimes goes off due to its location.

· Carry a bag with water bottle, hand sanitizer, and some wet wipes. These come really handy as you might have to stay long hours at the OPD.

· If you have children with you then it might be a good idea to carry a packet of biscuits or cakes. However eating inside the OPD premises is not recommended due to hygiene factor.

· Vellore can be extremely hot with an unforgiving sun and since you have to go from one department to the other it is advisable to carry a sun hat or an umbrella.

· There are numerous buildings with all the departments spread out within the CMC Vellore campus. So do ask the hospital security staff if you are unable to get the directions.

· Do not block seats unnecessarily if all the seats are full then offer your seat to a patient as they require it more.

· OPD operates Monday to Saturday. Sunday is a holiday. Also, the OPD remains closed on national holidays and some other religious holidays.


This is the most critical section and thus do pay attention. Once you have decided to visit CMC Vellore you need to first register the patient onlinewhich is very simple by just filling up basic details like name, sex, address etc. basically the common details which you fill up anyway.

Link (New Patient Registering & Existing Patient Book Appointment) –

The next step is to book the doctor and here you have two options to show in private or general. There is a slight price difference between the two and obviously, the main difference would be how you are checked by the doctor with private having a slight advantage. In case of private usually, the doctor after the first round of generic check-up will again give you additional visiting slot later in the day.

The obvious question is how to select the doctor, well for that first you need to select the correct department from a list and then depending on your section a list of doctors will be shown from which you can choose from. If you already know who to show then select the doctor and if you are unaware then you need to choose randomly from the list. Some do advise to always show the patient to the HOD (Head of Department) due to their experience but on the other hand, HOD’s often tend to be extremely busy thus it’s more of your judgment call.

Once you select the doctor you can see the available slots (date) in which he or she is available and then click on the selected slot and make the online payment. Once done you will receive the confirmation through email along with the Patient ID. Take a print out of this and carry it along to the hospital. Make a note of the Patient ID as this is going to be the most important for further follow-up and for any transactions at the hospital premises.

Some Pictures of CMC Vellore

Main Entrance to CMC Vellore – On the Right Is the OPD

OPD Block

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